Alcohol Addiction Treatment in California

Alcoholism, or addiction to alcohol, is a very serious issue. While for centuries it was treated as a moral issue or a sign of weakness, we now know that it is a disease of the brain that affects how people think and act. Luckily, because it is a disease and not an innate failing, alcohol addiction treatment is available, often with fantastic results.

Alcohol is a highly addictive substance, which over time becomes necessary to the individual drinking it. Sudden withdrawal from drinking is painful and can even be fatal. For that reason, people who suffer serious addiction often begin their road to recovery in medical detox, where a team of physicians and nurses oversee their tapering off without danger.

Once out of detox, some patients may seek an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) to help them reintegrate slowly into daily life. Although outpatient treatment can work for some, others require more help learning to live sober. For those individuals, we recommend our residential inpatient rehab.  This includes one-on-one and group therapy, and may also include alternative approaches, such as cognitive behavioral therapy in a safe, beautiful home. 12 step programs can also be very helpful to people recovering from alcohol addiction.

Each of these methods is intended to help the person suffering from alcohol addiction identify causes and conditions that led to using alcohol in the first place, and to put better tools in place to use when cravings hit.

The Adelante Recovery Center approach has proven itself effective and life-changing for the huge variety of clients we serve. We use the latest alcohol and drug detoxification techniques, select all our staff members carefully, provide a number of conveniently located clinics in Southern California, and tailor plans to each individual client. You can view our centers on our locations page

If you or a loved one is suffering from alcohol dependency, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and learn more about how our programs can help you today.

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