Southern California Detox Program

Alcohol and drug addiction are serious diseases, changing the brains of the people suffering from them. Both can create havoc in the user’s life, wrecking relationships, ruining careers, and destroying financial, physical and emotional wellbeing. If you are watching a loved one go through addiction, or are suffering from it yourself, there is help.

Depending on the severity of the addiction, detox may be the first step. This is a specialized process whereby physicians and nurses see the addicted individual through the initial stages of recovery. Because quitting the substance on which one is dependent can cause serious and even life-threatening symptoms of withdrawal, it is critical to have this kind of oversight in severe cases.

The most common substances requiring detox are alcohol, cocaine, heroin and other opiates, and other types of prescription pills. These are most likely to result in fatal consequences if quit “cold turkey” without a doctor’s supervision. We use the latest medial techniques as a way of calming side effects of withdrawal without creating the high that many chronic substance users have become dependent on.)

Once through detox, the bulk of the substance will no longer be in the body and most individuals will be free of their physical dependency. However, that is very different from being free of mental or emotional dependency, which is where other therapies come in.

After detox, many people also find Intensive Outpatient Programs and/or residential addiction treatment helpful, which combine individual counseling with group therapy.  These programs often encourage 12 step programs and cognitive behavioral therapy, among others, to give the addicted individual the best chance of creating better strategies for coping with life and moving on from dependency as quickly as possible.

If you are interested in learning more about detox and how it can help, please get in touch with Adelante Recovery Center today.