California Inpatient Rehab Centers

Full-Service Residential Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Men and women can access full-service residential rehab for drug and alcohol at Adelante Recovery Center. We have an inpatient treatment program that is designed for people who need to minimize their exposure to the outside world allowing them to reflect on themselves, realize themselves and find serenity. The programs include individual therapy sessions as well as group therapy sessions. It, also, includes social activities, healthy eating, exercises, 12-step meetings, relaxation, rest, and time for reflection. These programs are suited to help those who have the determination to break their addiction chains recover completely once they are done with the program.

Ongoing Support

The first step a patient will go through when under our recovery program is detox. This session is meant to help the body get rid of all the addictive substances from its system. After a successful detox program, he or she undergoes residential inpatient treatment. The treatment will provide them a support system and an engaging program they can rely on for quick recovery. The educational groups and the therapeutic sessions have been uniquely designed to help the patients learn how, to be honest. The 12-step programs and the inside and outside meetings help the patients gain more confidence in themselves and others too.

Our residential programs usually run for four to 12 weeks and include alcohol treatment program and heroin and opioid rehab. The length is usually determined by the needs of an individual. Our location by the beach is therapeutic in itself. The view and the feels help the patient escape from their daily struggles and focus on the beautiful and relaxing views.

Some mentally ill patients at times develop dependence of some chemical substances. In such a case, the treatment offered must be able to take care of the medical and the addiction issues. Some of the signs mentally ill patients portray include hormonal imbalance and mood swings. To find relief, they tend to opt for alcohol and narcotics which in turn leads to addiction. With our treatment plan, such patients can find the best dual treatment and therapeutic programs for both conditions.

We as Adelante Recovery Centers are committed to ensuring that we find the actual root and cause of the alcohol and drug addiction. Our programs, also, includes treatment and support for persons who suffer from issues like anxiety, depression, manic depression, and the other neuroses.

The Adelante residential treatment centers are located in California and is family owned. The center provides a safe and conducive environment for the different kinds of patients to identify the issues that lead them to their self-destruction. We like to encourage loved ones and family members to be part of the recovery process and support the struggling persons get over their addiction and alcoholism. The support helps them gain confidence in their loved ones and themselves which is healthy for their recovery. We, also, understand that every patient has their own unique struggles and challenges. We take that into account when administering our treatments and rehab options. That, also, allows us to offer treatment to persons from all the backgrounds.